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Pregnancy Chiropractors

on the Sunshine Coast

Are pregnancy discomforts disrupting your daily routine and causing unnecessary stress? With over 34 years of experience, our dedicated team of chiropractors is here to offer comfort, relief, and support tailored for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy should be a time of excitement, not discomfort

Although it's a wonderful time of life, pregnancy brings about major changes in your body, often accompanied by discomfort and pain such as back pain, sciatica and joint discomfort.

For example, did you know that approximately 50% of Australian women experience low back pain in pregnancy?

Our experienced chiropractors are trained in prenatal care and they understand the unique needs of each trimester. Whether you're in the first stages dealing with morning discomfort or in the final stretch combating low back pain, we will tailor your treatment to your specific challenges.

We will work closely with you to maximise your well-being while considering your individual health concerns, and the needs of your growing baby.

How we can help

Our chiropractors are committed to making your pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, by addressing your specific pains and needs.

Your treatment may include:

  • Pain relief: targeted adjustments to reduce your back pain, sciatica, and joint discomfort.
  • Pelvic balance: ensuring your pelvic area is properly aligned for a smoother delivery process.
  • Foetal positioning: encouraging the optimal positioning of your baby.
  • Improved sleep: addressing discomfort to help you get the rest you deserve.
  • Lifestyle advice including posture correction, nutritional guidance, prescription of exercises and stretches, and relaxation techniques.
  • Prescription of medication or further medical tests.

Choose the safer, faster way to pain relief


Our doctors will diagnose the specific symptoms of your pregnancy. During your initial consultation, they will take an in-depth medical history, perform a physical exam and may look into any scans you've previously had or might need.

Chiropractic Care

Depending on the symptoms of your pregnancy, we can provide appropriate adjustments and foetal positioning to help you find relief.


We can give you personalised advice to help manage and reduce your pregnancy pain such as exercises you can do at home, posture correction, nutritional guidance and relaxation techniques. We may also prescribe medication or complementary medical tests.

Why choose our team?

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced chiropractors, with both female and male doctors available.
We love what we do and care deeply about our patients' wellbeing and happiness, some of which have been coming to us for decades.
We have two clinics, located in the heart of Maroochydore and Coolum Beach, open Monday to Saturday.
We are Bupa and Medibank preferred providers. We also accept Eftpos, Medicare, DVA and EPC.

Your questions, answered

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe. Our chiropractors have received specific training in prenatal care, ensuring they are knowledgeable about the specific needs and considerations during pregnancy.

They use specialised techniques that are gentle and adapted for expectant mothers, such as the Webster Technique for optimising pelvic alignment or foetal positioning. We also use pregnancy chiropractic adjustment pillows, allowing patients to lay on their stomachs comfortably and safely.

At what stage of pregnancy can I start chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care can be beneficial at any stage of pregnancy. Many women begin during the first trimester, but adjustments can be safely performed throughout pregnancy.

Dr Lillie is also a qualified Deep Dry Needling expert and can help move things along if you are overdue. Ask us at reception about booking a longer appointment.

How does chiropractic care benefit pregnancy-related back pain?

We use adjustments to address musculoskeletal changes, easing back pain and promoting better posture during your pregnancy.

Can chiropractic care address postural changes during pregnancy?

Yes, chiropractic adjustments can help manage postural changes and discomfort associated with the body's adaptations during pregnancy.

Can you help with stress relief during pregnancy?

Yes, by promoting musculoskeletal balance and reducing physical discomfort, our chiropractic care may contribute to overall stress reduction.

What should I expect during a chiropractic pregnancy evaluation?

During an examination, your chiropractor will assess your posture, spinal alignment, and may order scans to determine the symptoms and severity of your pain if deemed necessary.

How frequently should I see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

The number of treatments varies based on the symptoms and severity of your pain during your pregnancy. Your chiropractor will suggest a personalised treatment plan for you.

Is chiropractic care covered by insurance during pregnancy?

Check with your heath care insurance to see if chiropractic care for pregnancy is covered. Our clinic is Bupa and Medibank preferred.

Take the first step towards a comfortable pregnancy

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