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Chiropractors for Headaches

on the Sunshine Coast

Are debilitating headaches preventing you from enjoying your days? Our team has helped Sunshine Coast locals find effective headache relief for the last 34 years.

What causes headaches?

According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of all adults have had at least one headache within the last year.

They can be caused by a multitude of factors including:

  • stress and anxiety
  • muscle tension
  • irritated joints
  • a fall or injury
  • poor posture
  • hormonal fluctuations
  • dehydration
  • lack of sleep
  • environmental factors
  • underlying health conditions

The good news is that most of the time, headaches are not a symptom of serious illness and can be managed by avoiding triggers, using appropriate medications or seeking physical treatment.

How we treat headaches

Our experienced chiropractors use the following techniques:

  • Spinal adjustment
  • Mobilisation
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Deep dry needling
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Prescription of exercise and stretches
  • Relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing and meditation)
  • Prescription of medication or further medical tests

The fastest way to pain relief


Our doctors will diagnose the specific causes of your headaches. During your initial consultation, they will take an in-depth medical history, perform a physical exam and may carry out an imaging diagnosis.

Chiropractic Care

Depending on the type of headache you’re experiencing, we can provide appropriate adjustments, mobilisations, soft tissue therapy, gentle stretching techniques and dry needling to relieve your pain.


We can give you personalised advice to help you minimise and manage your headaches, such as lifestyle advice, prescribing exercises and stretches, and relaxation techniques. We may also prescribe medication or complementary medical tests.

Why choose our team?

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced chiropractors, with both female and male doctors available.
We love what we do and care deeply about our patients' wellbeing and happiness, some of which have been coming to us for decades.
We have two clinics, located in the heart of Maroochydore and Coolum Beach, open Monday to Saturday.
We are Bupa and Medibank preferred providers. We also accept Eftpos, Medicare, DVA and EPC.

Your questions, answered

What types of headaches can chiropractors treat?

Our chiropractors can treat a wide range of headaches, including cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches and more. They will tailor their approach to your specific type of headache and individual patient needs.

Is chiropractic care suitable for children or teenagers with headaches?

Yes, chiropractic care is suitable for people of all ages, including children and teenagers. Paediatric chiropractic adjustments are gentle and adapted to the child's specific needs, providing safe and effective headache relief.

What can I expect during a chiropractic headache treatment session?

During a chiropractic headache treatment session, you can expect a thorough assessment, followed by targeted adjustments, mobilization, or soft tissue techniques. Your chiropractor will tailor the session to your specific headache type and needs.

How many sessions will I need to see improvement in my headaches?

The number of sessions needed varies based on the type and severity of your headaches, as well as your body's response to the treatment. Many patients experience significant improvement within a few sessions, while others may require ongoing care for more complex cases.

Can chiropractic care provide long-term relief from chronic migraines?

Yes, chiropractic care has been shown to be effective against chronic migraines. Regular adjustments, coupled with lifestyle changes and stress management, can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine episodes.

Is mobilisation effective in treating tension headaches?

Mobilisation is a chiropractic technique that involves slow and controlled stretching of joints and muscles. It can effectively address tension headaches by improving joint mobility and reducing muscle tightness that contributes to headache pain.

Can deep dry needling help with cluster headaches?

Deep dry needling is a technique that involves inserting thin needles into trigger points in muscles to release tension and alleviate pain. It can be particularly effective in providing relief for cluster headaches by reducing muscle tightness and promoting relaxation.

Will I need to continue treatments after my headaches are relieved?

After experiencing headache relief, your chiropractor may recommend periodic maintenance sessions to prevent recurrences and promote long-term spinal health.

How can I prevent headaches from recurring after chiropractic treatment?

Preventing headache recurrence involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle, practicing stress management, adopting good posture habits, and continuing with any recommended exercises or stretches provided by your chiropractor. Regular check-ins with your chiropractor can also help monitor your progress and address any emerging issues.

Is chiropractic care covered by my Private Health insurance?

Many insurance plans cover chiropractic care for back pain. Check with your insurance provider to understand what you’re covered for. You can also ask your GP about an EPC plan, which is a health care scheme that entitles you to see a primary health care practitioner such as a chiropractor for 5 treatments.

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