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Activator Instruments in Chiropractic: What You Need to Know

by Rasura Chiropractic Team

Last updated February 28, 2020

If you've thought about booking an appointment with a chiropractor, then you may already know a little about how chiropractic treatment works. You likely know that chiropractors use manipulative adjustments to help manage problems with bones, muscles, joints and some conditions linked to the nervous system.

However, chiropractors don't just use manual adjustment techniques that involve physically moving parts of your body. They sometimes also use instrumental adjustments with tools like an Activator Adjusting Instrument.

How do these instruments work, and what situations do they help with?

How do Activator Adjusting Instruments work?

When a chiropractor makes manual adjustments, they use their hands to physically manipulate areas of the body such as the spine. These manipulations use a thrust force that corrects problems like misalignments.

An Activator Adjusting Instrument has the same kinds of effects. However, the chiropractor applies the tool to the right place on the body and lets it make the adjustment for them. The chiropractor doesn’t need to move you during this process.

Some of these instruments are spring-loaded; others are automated. They all work in much the same way.

When applied, the instrument pushes a force into an area of the body to create a reaction. For example, it could work on problems from a misaligned spinal vertebra by making the vertebra move back towards its correct position.

What situations are instrumental adjustments best for?

While manual adjustments work well in many cases, an Activator Adjusting Instrument works better on some patients and problems. For example, this may be the preferred technique in the following situations.

Patients who need a less physical solution

Instrumental adjustments are gentler and less physical than manual ones. You remain still during the treatment. They are a better fit for certain people.

For example, a chiropractor might use an instrument on babies and small children. Manual techniques aren't always suitable for these patients; they also aren't always able to cooperate during a manual adjustment.

In some cases, chiropractors also use an instrument on adults who need a less physically strenuous solution. Some patients find manual techniques too uncomfortable because they have medical conditions that affect the bones and joints like arthritis or osteoporosis.

In these cases, an Activator Adjusting Instrument delivers the right chiropractic treatment. It works without putting you under undue stress or discomfort.

Treatment that needs a different type of adjustment

Manual adjustments can take time to work on some patients. These manipulations apply force to parts of the body to create change. However, sometimes, the body resists these changes.

For example, if you're about to have a manual adjustment, you might find it hard to completely relax. While the treatment doesn't hurt, you may still tense up your muscles once your chiropractor gets to work. Tensed muscles don't benefit from an adjustment as much as relaxed ones do.

If your chiropractor uses an Activator Adjusting Instrument, then every adjustment is quick. You won't necessarily know when it is supposed to come, and your muscles won't have time to tense up as much. This could give you more beneficial results.

Instrumental adjustments are also useful if your chiropractor needs to focus in on a small and specific area. If they use manual adjustment, then they may use more force than they need across a more general area to have any impact on the location that needs work.

An Activator Adjusting Instrument gives the chiropractor more precise control. For example, the tool is small enough to target part of a joint rather than the whole joint. This could speed up your healing process.

For more information on Activator Adjusting Instrument treatments, contact Rasura Chiropractic. Our chiropractors use both manual and instrumental techniques that could help you fix your problems naturally.

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